Outdoor Yoga Perfection In The Caribbean

From the moment I fell in love with yoga, I have taken my practice outdoors. I’ve done yoga under picnic pavilions, on mountainsides, and on beaches throughout the U.S. I’ve joined thousands for yoga in Central Park and right in the middle of Broadway. But I have to say, no experience comes close to doing yoga al fresco in the Caribbean.

With the worldwide popularity of yoga continuously growing, I can’t imagine a Caribbean destination today that doesn’t offer at least a yoga class or two. The Caribbean is the perfect environment for yoga. Most Caribbean destinations offer complete yoga packages. You can spend hours a day doing yoga surrounded by turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. You can meditate to the gentle lapping of waves or palm trees rustling in the gentle breeze.

From the Bahamas to the Virgin Islands, Jamaica to Mexico and Costa Rica, you’ll find exquisite yoga studios both in and out of doors to indulge your passion for your yoga practice. And know that if you have your very first yoga experience anywhere in the Caribbean you have started in yoga nirvana.

My first Caribbean yoga experience was in St. Croix. I was there for a relative’s destination wedding. After several days and nights of celebrating, I was ready for a little quiet time. I asked around about a yoga studio and was directed to one within walking distance.

I arrived at sunset. It was May. The weather was pristine. A quick rain shower had given the air an indescribably salty, earthy and delicious scent. The breeze was warm and silky soft. I walked up the thick concrete steps and arrived onto a rooftop studio, covered yet open on all four sides. I was giddy with anticipation. It couldn’t have been more perfect. I was virtually outside!

As the class began and I turned my mind to my breath, I could not repress an ear-to-ear smile. That smile never left my face during the entire class. My body moved like the breeze, easily and effortlessly from one asana to the next. I felt a union of inner and outer like never before.

I’ve since practiced yoga in several exquisite Caribbean destinations. While each has been memorable in its own way, none are as vivid as that first time in St. Croix. The only thing that might come close, and I’m looking forward to finding out, is a Caribbean yoga cruise. At this point, I can only imagine how amazing it would be doing yoga on the sparkling white deck of a cruise ship bobbing along out in the middle of the vast Caribbean with nothing but clear blue sea and sky as far as the eye can see! I’m on a quest to find out soon! I’ll let you know how it goes.

In the meantime, if you’re headed to the Caribbean, give yourself a special treat. Find an open-air yoga studio and discover the perfection of doing yoga in a gentle laid back peaceful environment without the distractions of daily life – or insects! There’s nothing quite like breathing and moving to the rhythm and whisper of waves.


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